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We are honored to be the only in Hawaii and one of the very few verified venders in the US.

GUAXS glass is processed in small, exclusive factories in Germany which are specialised in producing small editions for international artists and designers. The craftsmen usually work as a team. In order to be successful, the teams
need a high degree of skill and experience, but also coordination and physical strength.

After a metal form has been prepared in several different stages, the process of blowing the glass can begin.

At the start, each worker uses a blow pipe to collect a certain amount of glass – depending on the size of the object – out of the kiln. Further preparatory steps follow before the glassblower blows the hot substance into the metal form.

Due to the sophisticated and characteristic forms that are the GUAXS trademark, this task can only be performed by qualified craftsmen. When the work piece has gradually cooled down after a few days, the different phases of cutting and polishing ensue. In several complex and meticulous steps the glass surface is worked on and finished by hand.

Thus the object receives its individual structure and its distinctive, unique GUAXS character. Every single form is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship.