XXL April Vase made in France, composed of 12 tubes, height 7'', Ø 2'', total length 27''

Created in 1991 by Sigolène Prébois and Catherine Lévy, the Vase d'Avril is today considered a classic. The Georges Pompidou Museum of Modern Art considered this vase as a marker of its time and included it in its permanent design collection in 1997.
In other words, the April Vase gives everyone the pleasure of successful compositions. A few flowers are enough to decorate it. After removing a tube from one of the ends, you can bring them together and close the vase in a loop. The pieces can become independent again: just pull one of the tubes upwards to fragment the vase into distinct segments.

The XXL April Vase is thus intended for the largest flowers and even branches with its 12 test tubes of good size. Inspired by Japanese ikebana, it isolates each flower in a tube to better showcase it.
This vase also has a variable geometry: it adapts to the flowers it shelters and to the supports that hold it. The vase and the flowers can therefore be positioned according to your bouquets and your desires.

The zinc that protects the metal parts of the vase is already slightly oxidized. In contact with water, it becomes matt, and is adorned with a slight white rust similar to frost.
The tubes can be washed with a brush (and possibly white vinegar for limescale), or disassembled and put in the dishwasher, but do NOT put the metal parts in the machine.

The April XXL Vase has a spare tube and additional tubes are available separately.

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