Seasonal Flowers Vase Arrangement


This creative bouquet will be crafted using the best of the season on the day.

Taking inspiration from the changing seasons and your special occasions, the style embodies a modern, natural approach to bouquet design, in the Gentle Beast’s signature style.



The flowers are crafted as an arrangement in flower foam either in our signature original blue box container(suggest for arrangement between $100-$200) or contemporary ceramic container (suggest for arrangement over $200)  for easier care and modern look.

 Perfect for delivery to office, store front, easy to carry and minimum care.

 1st images represent 200 size (~15'' wide) 

 2nd Image represents 250 size (~18'' wide) 

3nd image represents 150 size (~13'' wide) 

4th image represents 100 size (~10'' wide) 



*Please note, we have shipments from Japan and Europe through the week and the flower inventory changes daily,  if you would like us to incorporate any particular blooms, we kindly advise you to order at least 1 week ahead to avoid disappointment.

*At the event of ordering last minute (1-2 days ahead), we may only be able to accommodate a similar color theme.

*Just like the seasons, the flower availability can change daily, the photo is for a size and style reference. Please ask for your preferred color palette in the note above, or let us design from our favorites of the day. 

*Learn how to handle and care your flowers at our YouTube channel.

 *Don't forget to add a message card and select delivery/pick up date at cart page.

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